You can configure which service and port the VMware Watchdog service monitors, the time interval (in milliseconds), and the load balancing command to run when switching to any state.

You do this in the Watchdog configuration file, Wanova Watchdog.exe.xml, located in the C:\Program Files\Wanova\Mirage server directory.

You use a default script, called NLBControl.vbs, to work with the Microsoft Network Load Balancer (NLB). This script configures Microsoft Cluster (NLB) according to the system state. It contains a list of actions for enabling or disabling traffic for a specific server.

You then use the Watchdog configuration file Wanova Watchdog.exe.xml to configure the Mirage server host use the NLBControl.vbs script.

For each Mirage server, replace the IP address with the dedicated IP address of the server node as registered with the cluster manager.

Some NLB parameters are configurable through the XML file. The PollTimeMs, ServiceName, and ListenPort commands are relevant for all load balancing scripts.

After you edit XML file settings, you must restart the VMware Watchdog service.


Any time that you configure an NLB port rule, you must configure it to listen on all the cluster virtual IP (VIP) addresses and not just on a specific VIP address. This configuration is required for the default script to work.

Table 1. NBL Parameters in the Watchdog.exe XML File





Polling frequency (in milliseconds)

<setting name="PollTimeMs" serializeAs="String">



VMware server service name

<setting name="ServiceName" serializeAs="String">

<value>VMware Mirage Server Service</value>


Listening port

<setting name="ListenPort" serializeAs="String">



Commands to run when the Mirage server is open to receive new connections

<setting name="OnAliveProcess" serializeAs="String">



Arguments used for the OnAliveProcess commands

<setting name="OnAliveArgs" serializeAs="String">

<value>nlbcontrol.vbs enable -1 </value>


Commands to run when the Mirage server is down

<setting name="OnDeadProcess" serializeAs="String">



Arguments used for the OnDeadProcess commands

<setting name="OnDeadArgs" serializeAs="String">

<value>NlbControl.vbs disable -1</value>


Commands to run when the Mirage server cannot receive new connections

<setting name="OnFullProcess" serializeAs="String">



Arguments used for the OnFullProcess commands

<setting name="OnFullArgs" serializeAs="String">

<value>NlbControl.vbs drain -1</value>