Administrators can use a load balancing framework, called VMware Watchdog, to integrate with existing load balancer servers and communicate state changes to them.

The VMware Watchdog service periodically checks if a specific server is running and can receive new connections.

Table 1. Mirage Server States




Signals that a server is running and is available to receive new client connections.


Signals that a server has reached the maximum number of concurrent connections. The service is still running, but new client connections are not accepted.


Signals that a Mirage server service is not responding or is not operational.

When the server state changes, VMware Watchdog calls an external command to communicate the state change to the load balancer. You can customize and configure the command to match the particular type of load balancer deployed in the data center. See VMware Watchdog Service Configuration

By default, the Watchdog service is initially disabled. You must start the service for it to function.

The Watchdog log file is located at C:\ProgramData\Wanova Mirage\Watchdog\Watchdog.txt.