It is good practice to test a rule set as a draft on several base layers.

About this task

When a draft rule set is being tested, only the selected CVD is affected. Other CVDs still use the default rule set, so the production environment is not affected.


You can only test rule sets with Draft status. To test changes to the Default rule set, first create a clone of that rule set with the changes you want for testing purposes, then define that new rule set as the Default if the testing is satisfactory. See Create a Rule Set based on an Existing Rule Set.


  1. In the Mirage Management console, expand the Image Composer node and select Layer Rules.
  2. Right-click the layer rule set to test and select Test Rules Draft.
  3. Select the CVD on which you want to test the selected layer rules and click Next.
  4. Select the base layer to use for the test.
  5. Click Finish.