You can create a copy of a selected rule set with its original details and a new name. You can edit the contents of the rule set. A new Draft layer rule set is listed in the Layer Rules list.


  1. In the Mirage Management console, expand the Image Composer node and select Layer Rules.
  2. Right-click a layer rule set and select Clone.
  3. (Optional) Select the Show factory rules checkbox if you want to view the Mirage mandatory settings that the administrator cannot change. Factory rules are dimmed in the rules list.
  4. Configure Do Not Download rules and rule exceptions.



    Rules list

    Defines the files and directories on the reference machine that must not be applied to the CVD.

    Rule Exceptions list

    Lists specific files and directories within the directories to be excluded that must be applied.

    For example:

    C:\Windows\* in the Rules list will exclude all Windows directories and files.

    You can then apply only certain system DLLs in C:\Windows by typing specific paths in the Rule Exceptions list, such as: c:\Windows\system32\myapp.dll.

    All files not matching a rule in the Rules list are applied to the CVD.



    Add a new rule or a rule exception

    1. Click Add next to the relevant list.

    2. Type the rule or exception details, and click OK.

    Edit a rule or rule exception

    1. Select the rule or rule exception line.

    2. Click Edit next to the relevant list.

    3. Correct the rule or exception details, and click OK.

    Remove a rule or exception

    Select the rule or exception line and click Remove next to the relevant list.

  5. When you are finished working with this rule set, click OK.

What to do next

Consider whether override policies are needed to prevent specific problems. See Applying a Base Layer Override Policy.

Test the rule set as a draft on several base layers. See Test a Draft Layer Rule Set on a Test Machine.

When you are satisfied with the changes, you can define the new layer rule set as the Default rule set. See Set the Default Rule Set.