This section provides answers to, or clarifications on, potential issues encountered while onboarding NSX Advanced Load Balancer with Cloud Services.

The VMware Cloud Services Platform, or CSP, refers to VMware’s support for Cloud Services. VMware Cloud Services enables you to integrate, manage, and secure applications on Cloud resources. These services work for any Cloud service using VMware and can help you centralize the management and maintenance of hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

One of these Cloud Services is the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly known as Avi Vantage). In order to utilize Central Licensing and the other Cloud capabilities you need access to the Cloud Services Console.

The VMware Cloud Services Console™ allows you to manage your VMware Cloud Services Portfolio across hybrid and native public clouds. Using this console allows you to manage users, groups and roles, identity and access management, as well as billing and subscriptions (see Cloud Documentation for more details).

Central Licensing

The concept of Central Licensing as a feature of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer SaaS offering refers to the ability to aggregate and store NSX Advanced Load Balancer licenses in a central location, allowing you to allocate/ de-allocate licenses (or service units) to various NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controllers registered with Cloud Services.

The Central Licensing dashboard is available at: