This topic provides information on the CLI commands to be used to configure fallback algorithm.

Log into the NSX Advanced Load Balancer shell prompt and use the configure gslbservice <service name> command to set the main algorithm for GSLB method as gslb_algorithm_geoand the backup algorithm as gslb_algorithm_consistent_hash.

admin@ctlr-1:~$ shell
Login: admin

[admin:ctlr-1]: > configure gslbservice gs21
[admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice> groups index 1
[admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice:groups> algorithm gslb_algorithm_geo
Overwriting the previously entered value for algorithm
[admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice:groups> fallback_algorithm gslb_algorithm_consistent_hash
[admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice:groups> save
[admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice> save