NSX Advanced Load Balancer supports multihop BGP. A plain peer configuration is supported in all its variations, including iBGP multihop.

This section explains the following:

eBGP multihop:

BGP peers are more than one hop away and in a different autonomous system. BGP peers are not directly connected.

iBGP multihop:

BGP peers are in the same autonomous system but more than one hop away.


This feature is supported for IPv6.

Configuring eBGP

To configure eBGP multihop, a per-peer configuration parameter, that is, ebgp_multihop specifies the number of next hops. The following are the two main configuration sections:

  • Configuring NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller:

    • The eBGP-multihop peer. The multihop peer must be configured with the same subnet as that of the interface network.

    • Static/ default route to reach the BGP peer.

  • Configuring BGP peer and intermediate routers:

    • Static or default route configuration on the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller, intermediate router, and BGP peer.