NSX Advanced Load Balancer integrates with OpenStack infrastructure components to provide centralized automation, monitoring, and management of application discovery and delivery.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer integrates with the following OpenStack services:


The Controller uses Keystone API to authenticate any OpenStack user accessing NSX Advanced Load Balancer API. Also, when an OpenStack user logs in, the Controller can automatically import tenant/ project and role information from Keystone to provide appropriate privileges on the Controller.


The Controller uses Glance for storing Service Engine image.


The Controller uses Nova API to automatically create and destroy application delivery Service Engine to support High Availablity and guaranteed performance.


The Controller uses Neutron API to plug Service Engines into right Neutron networks for receiving and sending application traffic.

The following is the flowchart for NSX Advanced Load Balancer integration with OpenStack:

NSX Advanced Load Balancer can be deployed into an OpenStack cloud using the tenant mode or the provider mode. For more details on this, see Considerations for Deploying NSX Advanced Load Balancer with OpenStack section.