After creating a new firewall rule, you have to publish it for changes to take effect.


Click Publish or Publish Changes. A new a rule is added at the top of the section. If the system-defined rule is the only rule in the section, the new rule is added above the default rule.

After a few moments, a message indicating whether the publish operation was successful is displayed. In case of any failures, the hosts on which the rule was not applied are listed. For additional details on a failed publish, navigate to NSX Managers > NSX_Manager_IP_Address > Monitor > System Events.

If you want to add a rule at a specific place in a section, select a rule. In the No. column, click and select Add Above or Add Below.

When you click Publish Changes, the firewall configuration is automatically saved. For information on reverting to an earlier configuration, see Load a Saved Firewall Configuration.

What to do next

  • Disable a rule by clicking disable, or enable a rule by clicking enable rule.

  • Display additional columns in the rule table by clicking select columns and selecting the appropriate columns.

    Column Name

    Information Displayed

    Rule ID

    Unique system generated ID for each rule


    Traffic for this rule is being logged or not


    Clicking stats shows the traffic related to this rule (traffic packets and size)


    Comments for the rule

  • Search for rules by typing text in the Search field.

  • Move a rule up or down in the Firewall table.

  • Merge sections by clicking the Merge section icon and selecting Merge with above section or Merge with below section.