This is a generic high-level workflow for inserting a third-party service into the NSX platform.


  1. Register the third-party service with NSX Manager on the vendor's console.
    You need NSX login credentials to register the service. For more information, refer to the vendor documentation.
  2. Deploy the service in NSX. See Deploy a Partner Service .
    Once deployed, the third-party service is displayed in the NSX Service Definitions window and is ready to be used. The procedure for using the service in NSX depends on the type of service inserted.

    For example, you can enable a host-based firewall service by creating a security policy in Service Composer or creating a firewall rule to redirect traffic to the service. See Consuming Vendor Services through Service Composer or Redirecting Traffic to a Vendor Solution through Logical Firewall. For information on using an Edge based service, see Using a Partner Load Balancer.