All components in NSX report system events. These events can help in monitoring the health and security of the environment and troubleshooting problems.

Each event message has the following information:

  • Unique event code
  • Severity level
  • Description of the event and, if appropriate, recommended actions.

Collecting Technical Support Logs and Contacting VMware Support

For some events, the recommended action includes collecting technical support logs and contacting VMware support.

Performing a Force Sync on NSX Edge

For some events, the recommended action includes performing a force sync on NSX Edge. For more information, see "Force Sync NSX Edge with NSX Manager in the NSX Administration Guide. Force sync is a disruptive operation and reboots the NSX Edge VM.

System Event Severity Level

Each event has one of the following severity levels:

  • Informational
  • Low
  • Medium
  • Major
  • Critical
  • High

The following topics document system event messages of severity major, critical, or high from various components.