The System Scale dashboard collects information about the current system scale and displays the configuration maximums for the supported scale parameters. You can configure a warning threshold for the alerts when the system scale exceeds the configured threshold value. When the threshold is crossed, system event is generated which is used to set up notifications. This information is also logged and included in the support bundle.

If the current value exceeds a specified threshold percentage, a warning indicator is displayed to alert that the maximum supported scale is approaching. A red indicator shows that configuration maximum is reached. The listing is sorted in descending order of the current scale percent value which ensures that the warning indicators are always displayed at the top.

The data is collected every hour to verify if the threshold values are exceeding the limits, and creates an indicator when the thresholds are exceeded. The information is logged twice a day to the NSX Manager technical support logs.

System events are generated when the following conditions occur:

  • A warning event when a parameter crosses the threshold limit.
  • A critical event when a parameter crosses the supported system scale configuration.
  • An informational event when a parameter comes below the threshold value.

Retrieve Current Scale Threshold Limits for All Parameters

You can find out the current and the supported system scale configuration using the GET /api/2.0/capacity-parameters/report API. The API output displays scale summary, current scale value, supported system scale value, and the threshold value for each parameter.

Configure Scale Threshold for the System

You can set the scale threshold limit for your system.

To configure the threshold limit:

  1. Retrieve the global system threshold using the GET /api/2.0/capacity-parameters/thresholds API. For example, the API output shows global threshold as 80. It means the System Scale dashboard displays Usage Warning Threshold as 80%.
    Note: By default, the global threshold value is set at 80.
  2. To change the system threshold, use the PUT /api/2.0/capacity-parameters/thresholds API. For example, you change the global threshold value to 70. Now the System Scale dashboard displays Usage Warning Threshold as 70%.

For more information on APIs, refer to NSX API Guide.

For more information on system scales, refer to NSX Recommended Configuration Maximums.