A subset of NSX Data Center for vSphere features are supported by migration coordinator.

Most features have some limitations. If you import your NSX Data Center for vSphere configuration to migration coordinator you get detailed feedback of what features and configurations in your environment are supported or not supported.

See Detailed Feature Support for Migration Coordinator for detailed information about what is supported by migration coordinator.

Table 1. Support Matrix for Migration Coordinator
NSX Data Center for vSphere Feature Supported Details and Limitations
VLAN-backed logical switches Yes
Overlay-backed logical switches Yes
L2 Bridges No
Transport Zones Yes
Routing Yes See Topologies Supported by Migration Coordinator for details.
East-West Micro-Segmentation Yes
Edge Firewall Yes
L2 VPN Yes
L3 VPN Yes
Load Balancer Yes
DHCP and DNS Yes
Distributed Firewall Yes
Service Composer Yes Only firewall rules are migrated. Guest Introspection rules and Network Introspection rules are not migrated.
Grouping objects Yes Limitations include number of items, and dynamic expressions making up security groups.
Guest Introspection No
Network Introspection No
Endpoint Protection No
Cross-vCenter NSX No
NSX Data Center for vSphere with a Cloud Management Platform, Integrated Stack Solution, or PaaS Solution. No Contact your VMware representative before proceeding with migration. Scripts and integrations might break if you migrate.