URL Analysis classifies websites into categories, and assigns a reputation score based on their domain.

There are more than 80 pre-defined URL categories. A site or domain can belong to multiple categories. For example, www.vmware.com belongs to both the Business and Economy category, and the Computer and Internet Info category. It is not possible to automatically drop or allow traffic based on URL analysis.

The URL Analysis dashboard shows a summary of all analyzed URLs, classified by reputation score and category. Only flows initiated from a Tier-1 gateway are analyzed. Based on their reputation score, URLs are classified into the following severities:
Severity Level Description
High Risks (1-20) are red Sites with a high probability of containing malicious links or payloads.
Suspicious (21-40) are orange Sites with a higher than average probability of containing malicious links or payloads.
Moderate Risks (41-60) are yellow Generally benign sites that exhibit some characteristics that suggest security risks.
Low Risks (61-80) are gray Benign sites, that rarely exhibit characteristics that expose the user to security risks.
Trustworthy Sites (81-100) are green Well-known sites with strong security practices.

On the left is a diagram of the URL distribution. And at the bottom of the page there are additional details about each URl including reputation score, URL, category, and session count.