When an NSX-T Data Center logical switch requires a Layer 2 connection to a VLAN-backed port group or needs to reach another device, such as a gateway, that resides outside of an NSX-T Data Center deployment, you can use an NSX-T Data Center Layer 2 bridge. This Layer 2 bridge is especially useful in a migration scenario, in which you need to split a subnet across physical and virtual workloads.

The NSX-T Data Center concepts involved in Layer 2 bridging are Edge Clusters and Edge Bridge profiles. You can configure layer 2 bridging using NSX Edge transport nodes. To use NSX Edge transport nodes for bridging, you create an Edge bridge profile. An Edge Bridge profile specifies which Edge Cluster to use for bridging and which Edge Transport node acts as the primary and backup bridge.

The Edge Bridge Profile is attached to a logical switch and the mapping specifies the physical uplink on the Edge used for bridging and the VLAN ID to be associated with the logical switch. A logical switch can be attached to several bridge profiles.