A host switch managed object is a virtual network switch that provides networking services to the various hosts in the network. It is instantiated on every host that participates in NSX-T networking

The following host switches are supported in NSX-T:

  • NSX-T Virtual Distributed Switch: NSX-T introduces a host switch that normalizes connectivity among various compute domains, including multiple VMware vCenter Server instances, KVM, containers, and other off premises or cloud implementations.

    NSX-T Virtual Distributed Switch can be configured based on the performance required in your environment:
    • Standard: Configured for regular workloads, where normal traffic throughput is expected on the workloads.
    • Enhanced: Configured for telecom workloads, where high traffic throughput is expected on the workloads.
  • vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch: Provides centralized management and monitoring of the networking configuration of all hosts that are associated with the switch in a vCenter Server environment.