You enable URL Analysis at the NSX Edge cluster level.

  1. Navigate to Security > URL Analysis > Settings.
  2. Toggle the Enable bar on the edge cluster you want to begin URL analysis on. NSX Edges require access to the Internet to download category and reputation definitions.
  3. Click Set to add a context profile, with a URL Category attribute. URL Analysis Profiles specify the categories of traffic to be analyzed. If no profiles are created, all traffic is analyzed. See Context Profiles for more details.
  4. Configure a Layer 7 gateway firewall rule for DNS traffic, so that URL Analysis can analyze domain information. See Create a Layer 7 DNS Rule.
  5. Once enabled, you can check the connection status to the cloud service for each NSX Edge Node. You can also verify the version of the URL data used.
    Note: Fetching the URL data version is not supported if a proxy server is enabled in your environment. NSX Edge must have a direct connection with the cloud provider to fetch the URL data version.