A draft is a complete distributed firewall configuration with policy sections and rules. Drafts can be auto saved or manually saved, and immediately published or saved for publishing at a later date.

To save a manual draft firewall configuration, go to the upper right of the distributed firewall screen and click Actions > Save. After saving, the configuration can be viewed by selecting Actions > View. Auto drafts are enabled by default. Auto drafts can be disabled by going to Actions > General Settings. When auto drafts are enabled, any changes to a firewall configuration results in a system generated autodraft. A maximum of 100 auto drafts and 10 manual drafts can be saved. Auto drafts can be edited and saved as a manual draft, for publishing now or later. To delete a draft, click the box next to the draft. Then click the three dot menu "", and select Delete.To prevent multiple users from opening and editing the draft, manual drafts can be locked. When a draft is published, the current configuration is replaced by the configuration in the draft.