When virtual interfaces (VIFs) are being configured, unique IDs of the VIFs have to be configured to be used as the segment port.

It is recommended to configure segment ports for application interface of physical server through UI. See Configure a Physical Server as a Transport Node from GUI.

Ansible support modes are a set of automated scripts that set up the application interface for physical servers.

  • Static Mode - Application interface IP Address is configured manually.
  • DHCP Mode - Application interface IP Address is configured dynamically.
  • Migrate Mode - This mode supports management and application sharing the same IP address. Also called underlay mode or VLAN-0.
For all Linux or Windows VM and physical servers:
  1. Install Ansible based on the operating system: –https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/installation_guide/intro_installation.html
  2. Run the command ansible-version, and check that Ansible is version is 2.4.3 or later.
  3. Download and extract the physical server integration with NSX-T Data Centerfrom Github: –https://github.com/vmware/bare-metal-server-integration-with-nsxt
For Windows physical servers only:
  1. Install pip for pywinrm.
  2. Install pywinrm, and run pip install pywinrm.