This is the last migration step in a lift-and-shift migration. You migrate the workload VMs from NSX-V to NSX-T.

If you are migrating NSX-V load balancer to Advanced Load Balancer (ALB), perform the following cutover tasks (note that all virtual services sharing a pool, pool servers, and VIP must cut over at the same time):
  1. Migrate the VMs from the NSX-V compute edge cluster to NSXT_ComputeEdge-Cluster. To minimize downtime, do not migrate all servers.
  2. Disable virtual services on NSX-V.
  3. Enable virtual services on NSX-T.
  4. Migrate the remaining servers from step 1.

Note: There will be traffic disruption until ALB virtual services are placed on Service Engine. The first virtual service for each Service Engine group will take more time to deploy a new Service Engine. Subsequent virtual services will cause minimal downtime.

To migrate the workload VMs, perform the following tasks: