In NSX, an admin user can reset your expired password. You must enter the expired user password to complete the password reset in the CLI.

Each user password has an expiration date tracked by NSX. If you log in with an expired password, the error message, Your password has expired, appears. A notification also appears if your password is expiring soon. Depending on what release you are using and what user you are, there are different actions to take.

The admin user can reset the expired passwords for their own, as well as the audit and Enterprise Admin user, using the CLI. The admin user can reset the expired passwords for all other local users, but not themselves in the UI.

When the admin resets any local user's expired password using the CLI and UI, the password expiration date does not reset. To extend the password expiration date to a new date or to the default 90 days, the admin must change it using the CLI or API. Another quick way for the admin to reset a local user's password expiration date is to deactivate and then activate the user. For details, see Manage Local User’s Password or Name Using the CLI or Manage Local User Accounts.


  1. Choose one of the following steps depending on your release and needs:
    • CLI - To reset the admin, Enterprise Admin, or audit user's expired passwords, run the set user <username> password command on the appliance's CLI as admin. You must know the current user password to complete the password reset. Guest users cannot be reset using the CLI.
    • UI - The admin user can reset an expired password for other local users in the UI. Admin cannot change their own expired password using the UI. Look for the Notification message about the user password expiration and click on Change Password. Admin can also use System > User Management to change the passwords. Note, the password expiration date does not reset.
    • API - Admin can go to and select your release number. Search for System > Configuration > Fabric > Nodes > User Management to find the API details.
  2. Once the password reset is complete, the user gets prompted to change their password during login.