Replace the load balancer certificate with a custom certificate bundle that is packaged in the PKCS12 format with the complete certification chain. Do not perform these steps if you want to use the self-signed certificate that is provided by the OVA.


  1. Log in to the VMware Pulse IoT Center Administration console as nodeadmin.
  2. On the Certificate Management page, in Load balancer/Node Management certificate, click REPLACE.
  3. Click BROWSE to browse the password protected .p12 certificate from your local repository.
  4. In the Select node(s) to upload the certificate, select the type of certificate.
    Note: The options available are:
    • Load balancer certificate
    • Replace VMware Pulse IoT Center Node Management Certificate.
    You can select both the options. The certificates are replaced respectively depending on the selection. If you select both, enter the certificate alias details in the Alias text box.
  5. Enter the certificate password.
  6. Click Next and Review to review the information you have entered.
    Note: Your load balancer service will restart after you replace the certificate.
  7. Click Replace.
    You have successfully uploaded the load balancer certificate.
  8. Click Download to download the load balancer certificate to your local repository.
    Note: You have to upload this load balancer certificate in all the nodes you have set up. To upload a load balancer certificate, see Step 10 in Replace the Server Node Certificate with a Custom Certificate Bundle.