Describes the special considerations for VeloCloud Virtual Edge deployment.

  • The VeloCloud Edge is a latency-sensitive application. Refer to the VMware documentation to adjust the Virtual Machine (VM) as a latency-sensitive application.
  • Recommended Host settings:
    • BIOS settings to achieve highest performance:
      • CPUs at 2.0 GHz or higher
      • Enable Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT)
      • Disable hyperthreading
      • Virtual Edge supports paravirtualized vNIC VMXNET 3 and passthrough vNIC SR-IOV:
      • Disable power savings on CPU BIOS for maximum performance
      • Enable CPU turbo
      • Enable AES-NI, SSE3, SSE4, and RDTSC instruction sets
      • Recommend reserving 2 cores for Hypervisor workloads

        For example, for a 10-core CPU system, recommend running one 8-core virtual edge or two 4-core virtual edge and reserve 2 cores for Hypervisor processes.

    • For a dual socket host system, make sure the hypervisor is assigning network adapters, memory and CPU resources that are within the same socket (NUMA) boundary as the vCPUs assigned.
  • Recommended VM settings:
    • 2, 4, or 8 CPUs (dedicated)
    • 4 GB RAM for a 2 Core VM, 8 GB RAM for a 4 or 8 Core VM
    • Memory should be set to ‘100% reserved’
  • The default username for the VCE ssh console: root