This section describes how to configure dynamic routing with OSPF or BGP.

SD-WAN Edge learns routes from adjacent routers through OSPF and BGP. It sends the learned routes to the Gateway/Controller. The Gateway/Controller acts like a route reflector and sends the learned routes to other SD-WAN Edge. The Overlay Flow Control (OFC) enables enterprise-wide route visibility and control for ease of programming and for full and partial overlay.

VMware supports Inbound/Outbound filters to OSPF neighbors, OE1/OE2 route types, MD5 authentication. Routes learned through OSPF will be automatically redistributed to the controller hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Support for BGP Inbound/Outbound filters and the filter can be set to Deny, or optionally you can Add/Change the BGP attribute to influence the path selection, i.e. RFC 1998 community, MED, and local preference.

Note: For information about OSPF and BGP Redistribution, see the section titled OSPF/BGP Redistribution.
Note: In the 3.2 release, both BGP and OSPF can be enabled in a SD-WAN Edge at a time.