After configuring all the settings, you can generate the Enterprise report.


  1. When you click Quick to create a Quick Report in Create a New Enterprise Report, or click Next after selecting the Edges in Select Edges, the Submit Report window appears.
  2. Configure the following:
    • Report Name: Enter a name for the report.
    • Format: Choose the format of the report from the list, as PDF or PDF and CSV.
    • Send email to list: If you want to send the generated report through Email, select the checkbox and enter the Email addresses separated by comma. The report is attached to the Email that is sent.
  3. In the Report Summary verify the settings and click Submit.
  4. In the window Your Report is on its way that appears, click Done.


Once you submit the report, the Report details are displayed with the status in the Reports window.

What to do next

Your report is generated and is displayed in the Reports page. See Monitor Enterprise Reports.