SD-WAN Orchestrator consists of user roles with different set of privileges. As a Partner Super User, you can assign a pre-defined role to other Partner users and your Enterprise users. Role Customization allows you to customize the existing set of privileges for the user roles.

Only an Operator super user can enable the Role Customization for a Partner super user. If the Role Customization option is not available for you, contact your Operator.

Note: By default, the Role Customization is enabled for a Partner super user.
The Role customization is applied to the user roles as follows:
  • The customizations done at the Enterprise level will override the customizations made at the Partner or Operator level.
  • The customizations done at the Partner level will override the customizations made at the Operator level.
  • Only when there are no customizations are done at the Partner level or Enterprise level, the customizations made by the Operator are applied globally across the Orchestrator.

In the Partner portal, click Role Customization. You can perform the following operations:

  • Show Current Privileges – Displays the current user role privileges. You can view the privileges of all the user roles and download them in CSV format.
  • New Package – Enables to create a new package with customized role privileges. See Create New Customized Package.
  • Reset to System Default – Allows to reset the current role privileges to default settings. Only the customized privileges applied to the user roles in the Partner portal are reset to the default settings. If your customers have customized their user role privileges in the Enterprise portal, those settings remain the same.

Click Actions to perform the following activities:

  • Upload Package – Allows to upload a customized package. The New Package option allows you to customize only the Deny privileges. You can only deny one or more privileges from the system default and cannot grant additional privileges to any role. If you want to customize other privileges for the user roles, you can contact the Support team to get a customized package and upload the file. See Upload Customized Package.
  • Clone Package – Enables to create a copy of the selected package.
  • Modify Package – Enables to edit the customization settings in the selected package. You can also click the link to the package to edit the settings.
  • Delete Package – Removes the selected package. You cannot delete a package if it is already in use.
  • Apply Package – Applies the customization available in the selected package to the existing user roles. This option modifies the role privileges only at the current level. If there are customizations available at the Partner level or a lower level for the same role, then the lower level takes precedence.

You can also click the Download Icon prior to the package name to download the package as a JSON file.