You can upload a package with customized role privileges assigned to different set of user roles in the Partner portal.

If you want to customize the privileges for the roles, contact VMware Support with your requirements. The Support team would provide the customized package as a JSON file and you can apply the customization.


  1. In the Partner portal, click Role Customization.
  2. Click Actions > Upload Package.
  3. Choose the JSON file you received from the Support team and the package is uploaded.
  4. The uploaded package is displayed in the Role Customization Packages window.
  5. You can view the privileges in the uploaded package and add more Deny privileges. Click the link to the package or select the package and click Actions > Modify Package. In the Role Customization Package Editor window that opens, add or remove Deny privileges to the user roles in the package and click OK.

What to do next

Select the customized package and click Actions > Apply Package to apply the customization available in the selected package to the existing user roles across the Partner portal.

You can edit the Deny privileges in an applied package whenever required. After modifying the privileges in the Role Customization Package Editor window , click OK to save and apply the changes to the user roles.