You can run Remote Diagnostics tests to view the logs of the IPv6 settings and use the log information for troubleshooting purposes.

To run the tests for IPv6 settings:

  1. In the Enterprise portal, click Test & Troubleshoot > Remote Diagnostics.
  2. The Remote Diagnostics page displays all the active Edges.
  3. Select the Edge that you want to troubleshoot. The Edge enters live mode and displays all the possible Remote Diagnostics tests than you can run on the Edge.
  4. For troubleshooting IPv6, scroll to the following sections and run the tests:
    • IPv6 Clear ND Cache – Run this test to clear the cache from the ND for the selected Interface.
    • IPv6 ND Table Dump – Run this test to view the IPv6 address details of Neighbor Discovery (ND) table.
    • IPv6 RA Table Dump – Run this test to view the details of the IPv6 RA table.
    • IPv6 Route Table Dump – Run this test to view the contents of the IPv6 Route Table.
    • Ping IPv6 Test – Choose a Segment from the drop-down, enter the source Interface and the destination IPv6 address. Click Run to ping the specified destination from the source Interface and the results of the ping test are displayed.

For more information on Remote Diagnostics, see Performing Remote Diagnostics Tests.