SD-WAN Orchestrator allows an Operator Super User to create and manage End User License Agreements.

Only an Operator Superuser can create an End User License Agreement.

By default, the User Agreement option is not enabled. To enable this option, navigate to the System Properties in the Operator portal, and set the value of the System Property session.options.enableUserAgreements as True.

In addition, you can configure the display mode of the User Agreement by defining the Value of the System Property vco.enterprise.userAgreement.display.mode as follows:
  • NONE – The User Agreement is not displayed to any of the Enterprise Users. This is the default value.
  • ALL - The User Agreement is displayed to all the Enterprise Users.
  • WITH_MSPS – The User Agreement is displayed to all the Enterprise Users with MSPS.
  • WITHOUT_MSPS – The User Agreement is displayed to all the Enterprise Users without MSPS.

The above display settings are applied to all the Customers managed by the Operator. As an Operator, you can override these settings for each Enterprise Customer, as described in Configure Customers.

Only an Enterprise Superuser or Partner Superuser can accept a license agreement, based on the System Property settings.

To create and manage User Agreement, navigate to the User Agreements page in the Operator portal. Click Actions to perform the following:

  • New – Creates a new End User License Agreement. See Also Create a User Agreement.
  • Clone – Clones and creates a copy of the selected User Agreement.
  • Update – Allows to modify the values in the selected User Agreement.
  • Delete – Deletes the selected User Agreements.
  • Export Acceptance Report – Exports a report of all the customers who have accepted the User Agreements, to a CSV file.