You can enable Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on Edges and deploy Virtual Network Functions (VNF) on the Edges using third party firewalls.

In the Operator portal, navigate to Manage Customers.

Select a customer and click Actions > Modify or click the link to the customer.

In the Enterprise portal, click Configure > Customers.

In the Customer Configuration page, the Edge NFV section allows to enable NFV on the Edges and allows customers to deploy third party VNFs on service ready Edge platforms.

Currently, the service ready Edge platform models are 520v and 840. As an Operator User, when you enable the Edge NFV, the customers can configure and deploy VNFs and VNF licenses from their network services.

  • Enable Edge NFV – Select this option to activate the ability to deploy VNFs on Edges. After deploying one or more VNFs on Edges, you cannot deactivate this option.
  • Security VNFs – Select the relevant checkboxes next to the third party VNFs, to deploy the corresponding security VNFs on Edges.

After selecting the security VNFs, click Save Changes.