During the Gateway migration, when the Switch Gateway action for an Non SD-WAN Destination (NSD) fails, perform the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:


  1. In the SD-WAN service of the Enterprise portal, go to the Gateway Migration page. For instruction to navigate to this page, see Migrate Quiesced Gateways.
  2. Under the Switch Gateways step of the Migration Wizard, select the NSD for which the Switch Gateway action failed, and then click Retry Tunnel Verification.

    The tunnel status is verified again to see if the Migration Status changes to "NSD Tunnels are up and running".

    If the Migration Status does not change and the Switch Gateway action fails again for the NSD, select the NSD, and then click Undo Switch Gateway.

    All configuration changes to the NSD are reverted to the original settings.

  3. Click Switch Gateway again to replace the IP address of the quiesced Gateway with that of the new Gateway and thereby switch the traffic to the new Gateway.
  4. Rebalance the Gateway and complete the migration.

What to do next

Click View Events in the Gateway Migration page to view the history of migration events in the Monitor > Events page.