VMware SASE Orchestrator allows the Administrator (Enterprise or Partner) to activate Analytics on an existing SD-WAN Edge.

To activate Analytics on an existing SD-WAN Edge, perform the following steps.


  • Ensure that all the necessary system properties to activate Analytics are properly set in the SASE Orchestrator. For more information, see the topic Activate VMware Edge Intelligence on a VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, in the VMware SD-WAN Operator Guide.
  • Ensure that the Analytics functionality is activated for the Customer associated with the Edge.
  • The SASE Orchestrator must be on and the SD-WAN Edges must be running a minimum of 4.3.1 code. You can review the software image installed on each edge by navigating to Configure > Edges. The table on the Edges page will have a column that displays Software version of Edge per customer.
  • If the Edge is using the 4.2 release, ensure the Edge has a LAN interface that is up and advertised or use the special MGMT-IP software build, otherwise the Edge will not be able to send metrics to the EI backend.


  1. In the SD-WAN service of the Enterprise portal, navigate to Manage Customers.
  2. Select a Customer and then go to Configure > Edges.
    The Edges screen appears.
  3. Click the Edge name to activate Analytics for it.
  4. In the Device settings tab, under Connectivity, expand Analytics.
  5. Turn on the toggle button, and then select a value from the Analytics Management Interface drop-down menu. By default, Auto is selected.
  6. Click Save Changes.


An Analytic Edge is provisioned for the selected Customer. Once the Edge is provisioned, the Analytics functionality collects data, performs deep packet inspection of all traffic, identifies network application and correlates traffic with user information.

What to do next

To send the collected analytics data to the Cloud Analytics Engine, you must configure an Analytics interface on which the Edge transmits Analytics data.