Deployment Manager is an infrastructure deployment service that automates the creation and management of Google Cloud resources. Deployment Manager uses the underlying APIs of each Google Cloud service to deploy your resources.

The Google Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API provides services for configuring, deploying, and viewing Google Cloud services and APIs via templates which specify deployments of Cloud resources. To enable the Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API and create credentials, perform the following steps.



  1. Log on to the GCP Console.
  2. Go to APIs & Services > Dashboard.
    The APIs & Services page appears.
  3. Click Enable APIS AND SERVICES.
  4. Use the Search textbox to find the Deployment Manager API.
  5. Click Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API and then click Enable.
    The Cloud Deployment Manager API will be enabled. To use this API, you must create credentials.
  6. Click Credentials > CREATE CREDENTIALS and select one of the following options to create credentials:
    • API key
    • OAuth client ID
    • Service account
    • Help me choose
  7. Clicking API key will create an API key, which you can use in your application.
  8. In the API key created pop-up window, click RESTRICT KEY, if you want to restrict your key to prevent unauthorized use in production, or else click CLOSE.


The Deployment Manager and Compute Engine APIs are enabled, and you can use the API to deploy your virtual edge resource.

What to do next

You can deploy virtual edge with the Deployment Manager. For complete steps, see Deploy a Virtual Edge with GCP Deployment Manager.