You can use these instructions to establish an SSH tunnel connection to a VMware Tanzu SQL with MySQL for VMs service instance from outside a deployment.

In general, the preferred method to connect to a service instance from outside your deployment is through service-gateway access. For information, see Creating a service instance with Service-Gateway access.

Overview on using SSH to connect outside a deployment

You might want to use an SSH tunnel in the following cases:

  • Connecting from a local workstation. For more information, see Tanzu SQL for VMs Tools.
  • Connecting from outside where your Tanzu SQL for VMs service instance is located.
  • Connecting from a legacy app that is not in your TAS for VMs deployment.
  • Taking a manual backup to be stored locally. For more information, see Backing up and restoring with mysqldump.

Any app deployed within your deployment can resolve BOSH DNS hostnames and forward traffic to MySQL service instances using an SSH tunnel.


To connect using an SSH tunnel, you must have SSH access to app containers. For more information, see Configuring SSH access for TAS for VMs.


To connect to a MySQL instance using an SSH tunnel, follow the procedures in Accessing services with SSH.

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