You can control access to service plans by org. You can also set limits for the number of service intances globally and per plan.

For more information, see Setting limits for on-demand instances.

Control access to service plan by orgs

You are able to control which CF orgs are able to access specific service plans in VMware SQL with MySQL for Tanzu Application Service. By default, active service plans are visible to all orgs. Controlling which orgs have access to a specific service plan enables you to ensure that the resource-intensive service plans are only available to the orgs that explicitly need them.

To configure VMware SQL with MySQL for TAS to control service-plan access, do the following:

  1. Set the Service Plan Access field to Manual on any active service plan.

    For more information, see Configure active service plans.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Return to the Tanzu Operations Manager Installation Dashboard and click Review Pending Changes.

  4. Click Apply Changes.

  5. For each org that you want to use the service plan, do the following:

    1. Log in to the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) as an admin user:

      cf login

    2. Activate service access to the org:

      cf enable-service-access p.mysql -p PLAN -o ORGANIZATION


      • PLAN: The name of the specific plan to enable, set to manual in step 1.

      • ORGANIZATION: The name of the org that needs access to PLAN.

      For example,

      $ cf enable-service-access p.mysql -o prodteam -p db-large
      Enabling access to plan db-large of service p.mysql for org prodteam as admin...

The org can now use the plan.

For information on modifying and viewing service-plan access, see Managing access to service plans.

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