You can temporarily remove protection from a replicated virtual machine in a vSphere Replication protection group without removing it from its protection group.

Removing protection deletes the placeholder virtual machine on the recovery site. If you remove protection from a virtual machine in a vSphere Replication protection group, the states of the virtual machine and the protection group are set to Not Configured. Running a recovery plan that contains the protection group succeeds for the protected virtual machines, but Site Recovery Manager does not recover the virtual machines or protection groups that are in the Not Configured state. If you ran planned migration, the plan enters the Recovery Incomplete state.

You might remove protection from a virtual machine when you want to exclude a protected virtual machine from a protection group.

If you deactivate vSphere Replication on a virtual machine that you included in a protection group, recovery fails for this virtual machine but succeeds for all of the correctly configured virtual machines in the protection group. You must remove protection from the virtual machine and remove the virtual machine from the protection group, either by editing the protection group or by clicking Remove VM. See Add or Remove Virtual Machines to or from a Protection Group.


  1. On the Site Recovery home tab, select a site pair and click View Details.
  2. Select the Protection Groups tab, select a protection group, and on the right pane, click the Virtual Machines tab.
  3. Right-click a virtual machine and select Remove Protection.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the removal of protection from the virtual machine.