You can view and troubleshoot possible vSphere Replication problems that might occur during replication.

Under Issues on the Site Pair tab, you can view and identify possible replication problems.

Table 1. Possible Replication Problems
Problem Cause Solution
Not Active The replication is not active because the virtual machine is powered off and a warning icon appears. Replication is not running for that virtual machine. Power on the virtual machine to resume replication.
Paused If you paused the replication, a warning icon appears. Resume the paused replication from the Issues tab.
Error If you added a disk on a virtual machine which is already configured for replication, the replication pauses and goes to an error state. Reconfigure the replication and enable or disable the newly added disk.
Error While configuring replication, the replication fails with the incorrect UUID. For example, the replication seed found and intended for use has a different UUID from the original hard disk. Reconfigure the replication.
Error You do not use replication seeds during configuration, but a disk with the same name is found during configuration. Reconfigure the replication.
RPO Violation A replication contains an RPO violation. See Change vSphere Replication Settings.