vSphere Hosts and Cluster inventory details include object type, name, version, build number, products linked, solution tags, and integrations. Skyline Advisor Pro displays two additional details support Lifecycle Phase and Lifecycle Phase Ends.

If a vCenter Server or ESXi hypervizor host is part of an integrated solution, such as VMware Cloud Foundation, the associated Solutions is displayed next to the object within the inventory tree.

Skyline identifies the following integrated solutions and lists them as Solutions within Skyline Advisor. These tags are displayed to bring awareness to integrated solutions that have been deployed within your environment.

  • VMware Validated Design

  • VMware Cloud Foundation

  • VxRail

Skyline also identifies VMware products and solutions that are linked with inventory objects. Any products that are linked with the chosen inventory object will appear within the Products Linked column.

See Integrations regarding the Integrations column within Hosts and Cluster Inventory View.

You can filter based on Solutions or Products Linked.


Hosts and Cluster inventory details for vCenter Servers that have not been added to a Skyline Collector will not appear within Inventory.