Skyline Administrators can activate or deactivate Log Assist within Skyline Advisor Pro.

To activate or deactivate Log Assist:


You must be a Skyline Administrator within Skyline Advisor Pro.


  1. Log in Skyline Advisor Pro.
  2. Click Settings ->Advanced.
  3. Under Advanced section, toggle the switch to the left to deactivate the Log Assist.

    Log Assist is turned "ON" by default.


The Log Assist tab within Skyline Advisor Pro displays a message that Log Assist has been deactivated for your account. To upload support bundle files, contact your Skyline Administrator.

What to do next

As a Skyline Admin, you see a notification to enable Log Assist on the Log Assist card within the Dashboard.

As a Skyline User, you see a message that Log Assist is deactivated, contact Skyline Administrator for access.