You might discover that you are not able to resolve a finding after you investigate it. In that case, you can hide the finding until it can be resolved. If you want to temporarily ignore a remediation, you might want to hide a finding. In such scenarios, you can hide a Finding from the Findings page to the Hidden Findings page.

Some more common scenarios for hiding a finding include:

  • Hide recommendations that simply can’t be addressed because of specific dependencies around compliance standards that have been established in your organization.

  • Remove findings that simply don’t have any impact on the environment that you’re managing.

  • The finding cannot currently be resolved due to engineering or other blocking issues.

To hide a finding from your active list of findings:


  1. Within Skyline Advisor, click the Findings & Recommendations tab.
  2. Select the checkbox for the finding that you want to hide. You can hide multiple findings at once by selecting the check box for all findings you want to Hide. Alternatively, click the Select All box to select all Findings within the current view.
  3. Click the Hide Findings button.


The selected finding is Hidden and now appears on the Hidden Findings page.

Example: Hide Findings