The findings and recommendations page contains all findings discovered by Skyline, findings hidden by a user, and upgrade recommendations.

The Findings page displays all findings discovered by Skyline. For each Finding, the following information is available:

Finding Severity



Finding that can cause possible data corruption, environmental outage, significant performance impact, or a moderate/important security vulnerability within your environment.


Finding that has the potential to impact functionality within your environment.


Finding that is informational or best practice within your environment.

Finding Categorization



  • Network

  • Storage

  • Security

  • Compute

  • End User Compute

  • Management

Finding Types

  • Configuration

  • Patches/Upgrade

  • Troubleshooting

First Observed

  • Date From

  • Date To

The Hidden Findings page displays all findings previously hidden by a user within your Cloud Services Organization. Hidden Findings are organization- wide, therefore, if User 1 hides a Finding, it will also be hidden for User 2. See Hidden Findings for more information.

Upgrade Recommendations provide a single, consolidated recommendation, to address multiple findings at once. See Upgrade Recommendations for more information.