To ensure that your users can access VMware Skyline Advisor Pro, you must add them to the VMware Cloud Services console and give them the permissions that support their assigned roles.

To add a new user:


  • Verify that you have the Organization Owner role. You must see Identity and Access Management in the left pane when you log in to the console. If not, contact the organization owner.

  • Review the user roles to assign the correct permissions to users. See Service roles.


  • Log in to VMware Cloud services at
  • Select Identity and Access Management > Active Users in the VMware Cloud Services console.
    Add New Users, Role Assignment, Service Roles are listed on the VMware Cloud Services console.
  • To add a new user, click Add Users.
    1. Enter the email address for the user.
    2. In the Users text box, add the email address for one or more users to whom you are assigning the same role.
    3. Assign the new user the Organization Member or Organization Owner role.

      Organization Member role is selected by default. Organization members hold the default organization role that grants users access to the organization.

    4. To assign the new user service access, click Add Service Access.
    5. Select the Skyline Advisor service, then check the box next to the Skyline Administrator, Skyline User , or Skyline API User role for the new user.

      If both Skyline Administrator and Skyline User are selected, the Skyline Administrator service role is applied.

    6. Select Send emails to all invited users. The system notifies the users when you add them to VMware Skyline Advisor Pro provides them with a link.
    7. Click Add.


The new user receives an email notification that they have been given access to the Cloud Services Organization, with the specified service role access.