Grant users in your organization access to Skyline Advisor Pro and Skyline Advisor.

Organization roles specify the privileges that an organization member has over organization assets. Service roles specify the privileges that an organization member has when accessing VMware Cloud Services that the organization uses. All service roles can be assigned and changed by a user with Organization Owner privileges, so the restrictive role of Skyline User with the Organization Member role should be assigned to prevent modification.

A user must log out and log back in for a new service role to take effect.


Only Cloud Services Organization Owners can add or remove users, or assign user service role access. The Identity & Access Management feature will not be visible to you if you are not an Organization Owner within Cloud Services.


  • Log in to VMware Cloud Services at
  • Click Console to enter the Cloud Services Console.
  • Click on Identity & Access Management at the top of the page, in-between Services and Billing & Subscriptions.
  • To add a new user to your Cloud Services Organization, click Add Users.
    1. Enter the email address for the user to add.
    2. Assign the new user the Organization Member or Organization Owner role.
    3. Assign the new user service access. In this instance, click Add Service Access.
    4. Select the Skyline Advisor service, then check the box next to the Skyline Administrator or Skyline User role for the new user.

      See Service Roles in Skyline Advisor for details regarding the permissions available to each Skyline Advisor service role.

      If both Skyline Administrator and Skyline User are selected, the Skyline Administrator service role is applied.

    5. The new user receives an email notification that they have been given access to the Cloud Services Organization, with the specified service role access.
  • To remove a user from your Cloud Service Organization, check the box next to the Name of the user you want to remove from the Organization.
    1. Click Remove Users.
    2. To confirm removal of the user from the Cloud Services Organization, Click Remove.
  • To edit role or service access for a user, check the box next to the Name of the user.
    1. Click Edit Roles.
    2. Modify the Organization Role, or Service Role for the chosen user. When you have completed updating roles for the user, Click Save.

What to do next

We recommend having a minimum of two users assigned the Organization Owner role. This is to prevent the customer from being unable to modify their Cloud Services Organization user membership and service access if an Organization Owner is unable to access their account.