Skyline Advisor Pro provides you with a list of eligible and supported VMware Aria products that you can configure with Skyline Collector through automated endpoint discovery.

The endpoint notification is displayed on the Dashboard and the Inventory page within Skyline Advisor Pro. You can add the endpoints for VMware Aria Operations, VMware Aria Automation, VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, and VMware Aria Operations for Logs.

The product displays the following details:

  • Hostname

  • Host System

  • Cluster

  • Version

  • Collector Name


VMware Aria Operation for Logs doesn't display the product version.

To add an endpoint for VMware Aria products:

  1. On the Dashboard, click ADD for the VMware Aria products under Inventory Summary.

    The image displays the product endpoints within Skyline Advisor Pro. There are three products: VMware Aria Operations, VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, and VMware Aria Automation. Each product has a ADD button next to it.
  2. On the Inventory page, click View all eligible points to view the details.

  3. Select endpoints from the endpoints list and click Generate CSV.

  4. Open the CSV file and enter the username and password for each endpoint.

  5. (Optional) Enter a thumbprint for each endpoint.


Clear out the <placeholder> content for each record if you are not using the thumbprint field to ensure a successful import.

To add, update, or remove products in bulk using a CSV file, see Bulk Product Operations.

You can click Dismiss to remove the endpoint(s) that do not require monitoring and protection from Skyline. Dismissing the endpoint(s) doesn't affect the actual endpoint. It will only remove it from the current eligible endpoints list.

Once you have added an endpoint successfully, it will no longer appear in the list.