Configure Skyline Advisor and Skyline Advisor Pro settings within Skyline Advisor Pro.

These include the following:



Accounts (Skyline Administrators)

Entitlement Accounts: Configure the Entitlement Accounts associated with your Cloud Services Organization.

SaaS Subscriptions: Configure the SaaS Subscriptions associated with your Cloud Services Organization.


Configure which Skyline events you want to be notified for via email.


View Support Requests Raised by Team Members: Enabling this setting allows you to see support requests opened by other team members and use Log Assist to transfer support bundles associated with those support requests.

Enable Log Assist for all users: Skyline Administrators can activate or deactivate Log Assist within Skyline Advisor Pro.

This setting allows you and your Skyline Users to access the Log Assist feature, which enables you to automatically upload support log bundle files to VMware Technical Support.