Associate your entitlement account with your Cloud Services Organization. Also, download, install, and register the Skyline Collector with your Cloud Services Organization.

To complete the process of adopting Skyline, you must complete the following steps provided within the Skyline Setup wizard:

  • Link Entitlement Account.

  • Download, and install the Skyline Collector.

  • Register the Skyline Collector with your Cloud Services Organization.



  1. Click Link next to the Entitlement Accounts that you want to associate with your Cloud Services Organization. There are two important factors for choosing which available Entitlement Accounts to Link to your Cloud Services Organization. You must link a minimum of 1 Entitlement Account to your Cloud Services Organization. After linking your Entitlement Account(s), Click Collector Setup.
    • Support Level - While Skyline is available to customers with an active Production and/or Premier Support support contract, the Skyline service is tiered based upon the customer's support level. Premier Support customers receive all the features and functionality of Skyline, including Operational Summary Reports (OSR) and have access to both Basic, and Advanced Findings. Production Support customers do not receive Operational Summary Reports (OSR) and only have access to Basic Findings. See VMware KB Article 79286 for additional details.

    • Support Request visibility - When you open a Support Request, that Support Request is associated with an Entitlement Account. Within Skyline, if you open a Support Request under an Entitlement Account that is NOT linked with your Cloud Services Organization, then the Support Request will not be visible within Skyline Advisor. Because of this, you will not be able to utilize Skyline Log Assist to transfer logs to VMware for the Support Request. Therefore, link any, and all Entitlement Accounts to your Cloud Services Organization for which Support Requests are opened under.

  2. The Collector Setup page provides a hyperlink to both this guide, and the Skyline Collector download page on My VMware.
    1. Click the Skyline Planning and Deployment Guide to view documentation to assist you with deploying the Skyline Collector virtual appliance.
    2. Click the Skyline Collector download link to download the Skyline Collector virtual appliance in OVA format. Install the Skyline Collector using the vCenter Server - Deploy OVF Template wizard. See Initial Configuration for the steps to complete configuration of the Skyline Collector.
    3. Copy the registration token already created. You will use this registration token to register the Skyline Collector with your Cloud Services Organization. See Collector Registration for additional details.
  3. After completing these steps, click Complete Setup.
  4. The final step provides a hyperlink for quick access to Skyline Advisor. Click Continue to open Skyline Advisor.


Skyline Advisor will begin displaying inventory details, and Findings & Recommendations, 12-72 hours after you complete the initial configuration of your Skyline Collector. This includes adding a minimum of 1 product to your Skyline Collector, such as a vCenter Server.

What to do next

If there are additional individuals in your business that need access to Skyline Advisor, use Identity & Access Management within Cloud Services to add users to Skyline Advisor.