VMware Skyline™ is a proactive support service aligned with VMware Global Support Services. VMware Skyline automatically and securely collects, aggregates, and analyzes product usage data which proactively identifies potential problems and helps VMware Technical Support Engineers improve the resolution time.

This enables richer, more informed interactions between customers and VMware without extensive time investments by Technical Support Engineers. These capabilities transform support operations from reactive, break/fix to a proactive, predictive, and prescriptive experience that produces an even greater return on your VMware support investment.

Key Benefits

  • Proactively identify and prevent problems.
  • Solve problems, not symptoms.
  • Improve the reliability and stability of your environment.
  • Reduce time-to-resolution for service requests.
  • Get back to business: Shift IT focus from problem-solving to endeavors with more value to the business.

How It Works

The VMware Skyline Collector virtual appliance gathers and aggregates product usage information such as configuration, feature, and performance data while listening for changes and events within the customer's environment. This information is encrypted and then sent to VMware for analysis. Installation and configuration of the Skyline Collector virtual appliance is simple and straightforward.

After the analysis is complete, customers can view their proactive findings and recommendations in Skyline Advisor. Skyline Advisor is a self-service, web-based application accessed within My VMware. Skyline Advisor provides customers with an on-demand view of the proactive support recommendations. Additionally, VMware Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) have a similar view of the information that enables more intelligent conversations that help in providing an enhanced customer support experience.

VMware ensures the privacy and security of your data. VMware Skyline has a robust privacy program. Customer data is transferred to VMware over an encrypted channel and is stored in a secure VMware repository in the US, operated by VMware.

Addional Resource

For a hands-on introduction to NSX Data Center for vSphere, try one of the VMware Skyline Lab (HOL).