A Domain Manager disconnect record is generated when the connection to the server is lost. This differs somewhat from ASL operation. The “observer” on page 48 describes the proper handling of DISCONNECT events if the restartableServer operation is appropriate. These records are generated even if no subscriptions to the Domain Manager are issued. The format of the Domain Manager disconnect message is shown in Notification record - DISCONNECT.

Table 1. Notification record - DISCONNECT

Event record entry



Timestamp (INTEGER)




Domain name (STRING)


There is no CONNECT record. In ASL, these are an artifact of the resartableServer front-end that the Perl API does not provide. The restartableServer affords a means of invisibly attempting a reconnection. The CONNECT message is an indication of success. The Perl API instead gives an immediate error on failure of the InCharge::session-->init() method or similar. It remains for the developer to provide retry logic to successfully connect.