You can use a failback action for the following situations:

  • Consider that an Active component at Location A fails. The Failover Manager performs a failover and the Standby component at Location B is promoted as the Active component. When the component at Location A is running again, it is assigned the role of a Standby component. You can change the Standby role of the component at Location A to Active by performing a failback.

  • Consider that maintenance is scheduled for the Active components at Location A. Use the ic-failover-server script to execute manual failover to promote the Standby components at Location B to be Active components for the maintenance period. After maintenance is completed, initiate a failback again to promote components in Location A as Active.

    Use the ic-failover-server script to perform a failback action:

    1. From the FAILOVER_BASEDIR/smarts/local/script directory, type the following command. Specify -A or -B depending on which side is active.

                           ic-failover-server activate <domain_name<-A|-B>>
       “Server INCHARGE-SA-B has been successfully scheduled for activation.”
    2. Press Enter.

      The Failover Manager executes the failover action to the specified EMC Smarts Manager and, as a result, that Manager will become Active.

    3. Stop and start the service of the previously Active Manager which is now a Standby Manager.