You can perform a manual backup, a failback, or a reload action using the ic-failover-server script.

  • By setting Manualbackup to TRUE in the ic-failover-server script of an Active component, a manual backup of RPS and local files is taken from the Active host to the corresponding Standby host.

  • A failback (or a manual failover) will switch the roles of Active and Standby hosts. You can perform a failback by setting the TakeOver parameter to TRUE in the ic-failover-server script.

  • A manual reload will reload a modified failover.conf file.

    Manualbackup and TakeOver can also be set through the Global Console.

    Before you use the ic-failover-server script, modify it with the settings appropriate for your deployment in “Configure the ic-failover-server script” on page 57.