Failover Manager supports customer-defined hook scripts written in Perl. You can create hook scripts that perform actions at the beginning or the end of a failover process. You need to save them in the installation where Failover Manager resides. Conventions for creating hook scripts are described in “Additional customizations with hook scripts” on page 59.

One special use for a hook script is that it can starts another VMware M&R collector during a Domain Manager failover. For reports, graphics, and metrics visible in the VMware M&R User Interface, the hook script starts the collector near the Standby location to continue collecting data from the newly-promoted Domain Manager. Not all scenarios require multiple VMware M&R collectors.

VMware M&R collector scenarios used with hook scripts on page 59 describes scenarios and Configure VMware M&R collectors for an VMware Smarts failover on page 59 describes how to configure the sample hook script that is provided for VMware M&R collectors.